10 Rewards & Recognition at RelayExpress

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Rewards and Recognition @ RelayExpress

Rewards and Recognition

Spot Performance: There is no minimum employment period required for SPOT Performance Awards. SPOT awards may be dispersed at any point throughout the year.

Loyalty Recognition: Loyaltyworks understands employees challenge. Our recognition and reward program would motivate and engage employees or it also improve bottom line.


Employee of the Month: Individual Business verticals have instituted the employee of the month award. These awards are given to employees to recognize and appreciate their outstanding contribution.

Employee of the Quarter: The Employee of the Quarter awards are given to employees who have a positive, professional attitude, excellent customer service and are respectful of organizational policies. Adherence to our core values, innovation, being helpful to co-workers, exhibiting good customer service and people skills, and a record of good attendance are the main criteria.

Long Service Awards: Employees who complete five years and ten years with the organization are rewarded for their loyalty.