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Training and Development @ RelayExpress

Training and Development

Learning is a continuous process and it is well supported by our structured training and development process. At Relay Express, we provide an environment that encourages each employee to learn, teach and share knowledge with his or her colleagues. Employees are trained to improve their skills and knowledge based on these identified needs.

As a result of the effectiveness of these programmes we now have greater accuracy, fewer damages, and improved understanding. Productivity has increased dramatically and there has been an increase in customer satisfaction with our service. Continuous training help employees to develop and prepare for acquiring positions of greater responsibilities. The training is provided by both Internal and well as External trainers, who are subject matter experts.

training development

Onboarding: We welcome our new joinees in a special way. On your first day at Relay Express Pvt Ltd, you will be provided with all the necessary resources required for your work. A special induction programme is designed and implemented for all new employees.

Succession Planning: Providing ongoing learning opportunities via training experience and feedback to enhance Individual knowledge or skill in Leading Others.

Skill gap Analysis: The Skills Gap Analysis helps us to understand the mismatch between the skills that exist in a region and those being demanded by industry. The Skills Gap Analysis provides primary researched data aimed to understand the existing workforce at skills level and sub-skills level.